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Meet Flora

Life is love, and love is a gift.

Meet Flora. Her loving presence is treasured by all who meet her. Flora is the wise, understanding abuela (grandmother) in her village. Whether you are related to her or not, her care encompasses everyone, in the true spirit of unconditional love. Flora is the wise elder in her village entrusted to sit with the children and bring their focus back to God and the Holy Spirit with universal laws and principles of the fruits and gifts of the Holy spirit.

About The Book

You are invited to listen in as Flora shares a fable about forgiveness. By the end of her tale, you will have a deeper understanding that life is love, and love is a gift. This book contains the full story in both English and Spanish, and includes a Spanish to English glossary you can use to learn more about other languages.

Product Details

  • Publisher : Mountain Arbor Press (November 1, 2020)
  • Publication Date : November 1, 2020
  • Print length : 31 pages
Lissette Perry

Lissette Perry

I need to remind us all that the present moment is to be treasured and that love is a gift from God. We are all one—made in the image of God—and we need to tolerate, forgive and love one another.

Born (1969) in Brooklyn New York, to native Puerto Rican parents. Wife, Mother to 4 Beautiful Daughters and recently Grandmother to her first grandchild. Lissette has a calling to be an Abuela for the world’s children and shares her love of her Puerto Rican heritage by writing the Flora Children’s Books.

Lissette received all the inspiration for the Flora series of books from the Holy Spirit in 2004. This was in response to her prayers, asking God what can be done about all the monstrosities inflicted on children worldwide for all time. This series of books is intended to convey a message of love, joy, and peace which is needed for us all—now more than ever—as we share this one planet.

National Forest Partnership

The second book in the Flora series will introduce Echo, the parrot, and coquis (small frogs native to Puerto Rico) who lead us into El Yunque before and after the impact of Hurricane Maria. In partnership with the National Forest Foundation, $1 of every book sold will support restoration efforts on the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico.